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NZ Motorcycle Movers 2018 Ltd
PO Box 7005, Tauranga 3148
New Zealand

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New Zealand Motorcycle Movers 2018 Ltd
PO Box 7005
Tauranga 3148
New Zealand

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Terms & Conditions:
Pickup and delivery days are estimated as our schedules can and do change.
Removable Panniers must be removed from bikes for transportation and we must be advised if the Panniers cannot be removed. All panniers and top boxes must be empty
Any modifications to a bike MUST be mentioned at the time of an inquiry.
Large Cruisers and Adventure Bikes will incur an additional charge.
Any spare parts (no motors) must be boxed (limit 15kgs) or wrapped and will incur an additional charge.
Any luggage must not be over 15kgs in weight and will incur an additional charge.
Our drivers have the right to refuse to move luggage and parts if they exceed 15kgs in weight.
Spare parts are transported all care no responsibility and no parts are to be tied or strapped to bikes.
Additional fuel cannot be transported. Any oil or fuel leaks will be charged a clean up fee.
Four and three wheeled units may be transported as space becomes available and must be mud free.
Full payment is required before we pick the bike up.
Once a booking is made and paid for any cancellation will incur a $40 administration fee.